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Sophistication, quality and in tune with the modern woman.

With exclusive pieces that meet the demands of the modern woman, Morana is now one of the largest networks of costume jewelry and accessories in Brazil. There are more than 300 operations in malls and shopping streets in Brazil and United States. Eclectic and faithful, the audience consists of women of all age groups.

Morana revolutionized the concept of costume jewelry retail launch to pieces with jewel appearance and high quality for consumers who do not give up the classic beauty and impeccable finish. Every week news arrive to stores, created by a large team of designers and chosen with great care providers. All this is possible thanks to research conducted by the company in Brazil and abroad, and the support of fashion consulting.

Morana is a franchise network for expansion in big cities or in cities in the interior of Brazil with high growth potential and population between 70,000 and 200,000 inhabitants.


To express to the market the brand's DNA, in each season the Morana network is adequately represented by a national celebrity. And with each passing year, its campaigns become more emphatic and modern, focusing on 360° communication, favoring franchisees with brand visibility improvement and increased sales.

Juliana Paes, Deborah Secco, Cleo Pires, Carolina Dieckmann, Maria Fernanda Cândido, Carol Castro and Débora Nascimento have already represented the brand.

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Going international

The internationalization of the brand began in 2007 when Morana installed its first operation in Portugal, using the country as a strategic channel for entry into Europe. Today there are two stores in Lisbon.

In the United States the brand is present with operations in Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami, Houston and New Jersey.

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Check the map below to see where the Morana stores are in Brazil.