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Change in customer profile has caused market to reinvent itself


The presence of the Omnichannel consumer has become a trend in the retail market. It is increasingly common to see people who shop on multiple channels and cross-sell in both physical and virtual environments. This makes multichannel consumers an experienced customer who knows the product they want to buy, since they look for it first.

A study by IDC Retail Insights pointed out that this type of consumer spends 15% to 30% more than the one who uses only one purchase channel. This research’s results indicate that in order to keep improving the buyer's experience, retailers must be present on every channel if they do not want to be left behind.

This change in the consumer profile indicates that digital channels, once seen as a threat to traditional stores, now function as a support, being an ally at the time of purchase and giving customers other options.

US market research firm Forrester Research has released the results of a study that shows that 51.4% of retail sales have been influenced by digital. Of the exclusively offline sales, 38.5% are influenced by digital actions such as price research, product attributes and customer ratings.

Taking these data into consideration, the market has invested in strategies such as "click & collect" in which the person makes the purchase through the internet to receive the product in the physical store. In the United States, experience has worked. According to the International Council of Shopping Centers USA, 61% of customers who go to physical stores to get their ordered products end up buying more.

These researches show that in the end, physical and virtual stores complement each other, being increasingly far from competing. Therefore, the traditional retailer can not give up the digital presence in their business, just as digital brands rely on physical stores to grow.