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Grupo Ornatus continues to keep an eye at cities in the countryside of São Paulo; Tatuí is one of th


With more than 100 operations consolidated in the State of São Paulo, the Morana accessories chain is in expansion through the countryside of São Paulo. The goal of Grupo Ornatus, franchiser, is to take the brand to economically active cities, with a capacity of growth and an audience with the brand’s profile. One of the cities in this list is Tatuí.

“The brand is already known in the city, but the customers only have the opportunity to obtain the products when they are in cities such as Sorocaba, which, because it is a great economic center in the countryside, already has Morana’s operations. In light of this and the entire economic potential of the city, we hope to supply, in this year, this existing demand”, Bruno Jardim justifies, expansion consultant of Grupo Ornatus.

Tatuí has around 120 thousand inhabitants, houses the largest music academy of Latin America and also industries of varied sectors. Its location is privileged – the city is crossed by two highways, is at a distance of 115 km from Campinas, at 140 km of the capital and at 64 km from Sorocaba.

In order to be a franchisee of Morana’s chain, the investor must be committed and dynamic, having managerial skills and good interpersonal relationships. The initial investment for opening a Morana franchise is approximately BRL 225 thousand. More information can be obtained via website