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Morana is one of the largest Brazilian female accessory chains. Boasting 300 stores nationwide, it's a nationally recognised brand and reference in the fine jewelry market.

Now you're also able to enjoy the sophistication of Morana products through our Corporate Gifts Sale. Celebrate successful partnerships and associate your company with original memorable gifts that have a high-quality design and Morana's impeccable signature finish.

Our exclusive kits, with elegant personalized packing, will delight your clients!

Events, corporate conventions, weddings, debutante balls, proms, birthdays... No matter the occasion, our products can be personalized as you wish - even in small quantities.

How do we work?

We have a highly qualified production line capable of providing samples and products according to your company?s deadlines and demands.

Our accessories undergo rigorous quality control to ensure the high standards of our products.

We have a complete packing line and manufacture all materials, such that your experience is as memorable as that of those who receive the delicate gifts.

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