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Children's Day promises to move retail


A survey prepared by the National Confederation of Shopkeepers (CNDL) and Serviço de Proteção ao Crédito, a Credit Protection Service (SPC Brasil), shows that most Brazilian consumers (72%) won’t let Children's Day go by unnoticed. Even with the economy’s slow recovery, the forecast for this year is a growth in retail that should move R$ 9.4 billion.

The Brazilian economic situation reflects in the reservations expressed by the interviewees. On average, 39% of consumers, according to the survey, are planning to spend the same amount used in the previous year. 24% want to reduce expenses with gifts.

This is an important date for retail, as it signals how the trade performance will be at the end of the year, as it is the last celebration date before Christmas. SPC Brasil’s chief economist, Marcela Kawauti, explains that “The purchase intent at the date will serve as an indicator for the end of the year, illustrating the first impressions of what is likely to happen on Christmas, especially at a time when the purchasing power of households continues to be affected by economic difficulties.”

The survey also points out that 66% of interviewees want to pay for the products in cash, and money is the preferred option of 51%. Credit card purchases (34%) came in second place, followed by the debit card option (28%).

In the ranking of items most likely to be bought are clothing and footwear (38%), dolls (37%), toy airplanes and cars (21%).

SOURCE: E-commerce Brasil