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Consumer confidence reaches highest level in four years


The National Index of Consumer Expectations (INEC), disclosed on Wednesday (31) by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), shows that the Brazilian consumer is more confident.

The survey reports that the indicator reached 110.6 points in October. This means a rise of 4.4% compared to September. The index was above the historical average of 107.7 points and thus reached the highest level since October 2014. This was the fourth consecutive increase in the indicator.

Most of INEC’s indexes increased between September and October. The index that registered the highest increase in the month was the financial condition (8.9%), indicating growth of the percentage of consumers who believe in the improvement of their financial condition.

There is also a greater positive outlook about falling inflation, unemployment and rising incomes. The indicator also reports that a decrease in indebtedness is expected.

The only component that did not show growth in October was the expectation of purchases of higher value goods, which dropped by 0.3% in comparison with the previous month.