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Morana and Balonč are granted the Excellence Seal in Franchising


On last Friday, May 20th, the Brazilian Franchising Association (ABF) has performed the delivery of the Excellence Seal in Franchising 2018. The award is a form of recognition of quality in the franchising chains. Moreover, it is a differential for chains in Brazil, taking into account the relevance and competence of ABF in the segment.

The chains that received the prize have been selected by voting, being selected the most well-voted by the franchisee chain. The Grupo Ornatus chains, Morana and Balonè Fashion Bijoux, have been granted the award.

In 2018, Morana has received the seal for the 15th consecutive year. The brand is known for having revolutionized the concept of costume jewelry retail, launching pieces with the looks of a jewelry and with high quality for consumers that do not relinquish the classical beauty and impeccable finishing.

Balonè Fashion Bijoux, on its turn, accounts for eight awards. In full-fledged evolution, Balonè is a brand that has conquered the audience focused in fashion, as it makes available for customers modern accessories connected to the fast-fashion world, thus gaining ever more fans. 

The Excellence Seal in Franchising ABF Survey is done through a company specialized, by sampling, or with all franchisees, according to the size of the chain. The questions that are a part of the research are structured in five aspects, with four of them classified as Performance Indexes: Economic, Operational, Relationship and Global.