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People management: tips to improve your skills


When entrepreneurs understand the importance of a keen eye for people management, they provide new possibilities for their businesses. And, in the market there are a lot of tools for such. 

One of the paths to be followed by the entrepreneur desiring to deepen on the subject is attending to Sebrae courses. In the online platform of Sebrae do Rio Grande do Sul, you can find several online and free courses, such as Recruitment and Screening: how to form a winning team; Team Formation as success strategy and creative Leadership. These courses are also available at

In the Endeavor platform, there is a range of courses directed to the area: Leadership: how to develop high performance teams; People management for entrepreneurs; The Art of Recruitment: how to entice the best professionals for your business, among others. Courses can be found at

In Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), the Organization Motivation course is one of the free options for entrepreneurs. The course has a workload of 5 hours, and analyses and discusses recurrent challenges in the corporate world and theories on motivation, frustration and defense mechanisms. This and other courses are available at