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Christmas Bonus to move the country's economy by the end of the year


This year, the Christmas bonus will inject about R$ 211.2 billion into the Brazilian economy. With actual growth below 1% compared to 2017, experts predict only 30% of this total will be used for trade. Most of this amount will be spent to settle debts.

The forecast for the injection was announced yesterday by the Inter-union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies (Dieese) and represents approximately 3% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The increase compared to 2017 is 5.3% in nominal terms, but the actual increase (above the expected inflation for 2018) was only 0.87%. According to the survey, about 84.5 million Brazilians will benefit from the additional bonus – whose average salary is R$ 3,320.